Location Film

You can rely on us for your brand catalogue or your next fashion reportage.
Frescoed rooms, an incredible garden, numerous suggestive corners to experience the atmosphere of distant eras.

Castello Canalis is perfect for filmmakers, film makers, photojournalists and photographers looking for luxury, historic architecture and Italian beauty to be included in their work.
For professionals, the choice and details of the location along with models and actors, contribute to make each photograph or video clip unique. The aim is to create a masterpiece: every photograph taken and every film shot at Castello Canalis will excite your target audience.

They chose our castle Alexandra Alberta Chiolo for her Abertine; Craig Goodwill, director of “Sadie” filmed in part in our party hall; the Salone del Gusto for the PERLA AWARDS 2016 awards ceremony; Jeep and many more.