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A charming environment to enhance your events

In the halls of the castle are held temporary art exhibitions , conferences , concerts .
Canalis castle serves as the setting for unforgettable receptions and business conferences .
The Stately hall, in particular, is a charming environment where a series of classical music concerts , opera and music theater

history of the castle

The Canalis castle is an ancient noble house that for its beauty and suggestiveness is the ideal setting to realize your dream of love . The elegance and refinement of its surroundings will allow you to achieve a reception in princely style.

Dining rooms with a capacity of 360 people, brightly decorated, and painted by splendid frescoes. The rooms are adorned with elegant chandeliers and wide windows.

A panoramic veranda, from which you can admire the beautiful view and organize outdoor party.

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The location is for rent for the bride and groom who want to organize a reception princely.

A magical and romantic atmosphere

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Also Bed & Breakfast!

Three Prestigious suites ready to welcome you

The castle is located inside the ancient burg Costa in Cumiana, surrounded by nature but only 20 minutes drive from Turin .
Ideal for a relaxing break meander, visiting the ruins of the medieval castle in the old park or resting after a day in Turin .
The castle was renovated in 2005 with a meticulous attention to detail to maintain the original atmosphere .
Have breakfast in the stately hall, or on the terrace to enjoy the stunning views over the village

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The rooms of the Castle Canalis were reopened to the public after major restoration work , which brought back its former splendor frescoes , furnishings and the surrounding park .
In the last few years the Castle have been used as a location for film and various fashion photographers, but also as an irreplaceable framework for weddings, private parties and business meetings.

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